• 3M Ventureshield - Paint Protection Film

3M Ventureshield - Paint Protection Film

3M Ventureshield Paintwork Protection Film

Available in a large selection of widths and formats.

Ideal for use on cars, bikes and cycling equipment.


Vehicle Surface Protection Film
An optically clear coated urethane film that protects automotive paint finishes against stone chips and minor abrasions. Cover bumpers, headlights, wings, wingmirrors and bonnet edges on cars and bikes. Warranted against yellowing or cracking.

3M Ventureshield protects the most vulnerable surfaces on your vehicle from damage caused by stone chips, environmental elements, bugs, scratches and minor abrasions. It can help to maintain the residual value of your vehicle to virtually eliminate stone chips, scratches and paint damage.

Material is self adhesive and comes on disposable backing paper.
Apply to a clean surface that's free from dirt and grease.
Can be removed from original paintwork but may cause damage if removed from an area that has been resprayed or poorly painted.

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Orders for 610mm, 1220mm or 1520mm wide materials are sent via courier for next working day delivery.